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Here it is: https://pastebin.com/zAbNJnQW

Successful Unity C# Bubblesort

Here's how I've made the basic cursor moving on bar, here's the code:


First it was moving outside the bounds of the bar so what I've tweaked is the WaitForSeconds timing by making it much smaller. By doing that, the system checks where the cursor is at much more often. With that, I have made the Vector3 y-coordinate speed much smaller since the delay happens much less. When it was time to change the direction of my bar (from going up to going down and vice versa), I just added a - (negative sign) to moveWhere so that it goes opposite. The code works like perfectly well!
Here is what makes a game, a game:

1) The ability to make choices. If you can't do anything, then you're watching a video or reading text, it's not a game. In a game you do something.

2) You can win. It's not a game without the ability to win.

3) You can lose. It's not a game if you can't lose either.

This post may be updated further on.
You may have created a public variable through script, but then you can't change it. Why is that? It's because you can only change it through the interface, in Unity. Otherwise make the variable public. That's just how it works.
It's because they get deleted every scene. You're supposed to use DontDestroyOnLoad method.
If you use variableName.ToString like this, you will get an error. It's because ToString() is a function and must be used like this: variableName.ToString() .
Hey this is a new plan for this blog. I am a Unity developer and from now on I will be reporting the kind of errors/bugs I get from doing Unity and how I have fixed them. That's what I will do.

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