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Posted by : Eugene Sunday, March 13, 2016

I'd like to now talk about the skills they use in RPG games. Here are the types:

Damage skill- A skill used to damage someone. It can be physical(close-up or projectile) or magical.

Healing skill- A skill used to heal someone's hit points.

Buff someone- Enhance someone

Debuff someone- Make someone weaker

Remove buff- Remove someone's advantages/enhancements

Remove debuffs- Remove someone's disadvantage/weakness

Summon something- Self-explanatory; you summon a monster or something.

If you want to create a skill, you must balance it. You can't have one skill to be OP(overpowered). If a skill is more powerful than another one, you must restrict it in some ways. Like give it a cooldown which makes you unable to use the skill sometimes and/or make it use more MP and/or TP. I thought that this SNES Dragon Ball Z game Super Gokuden wasn't well-made in it's battle when you could just power up and use your strongest attack, your signature move, to just keep shooting at your enemy. I really think they should've limited this ability as it could be abused(and probably was).

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